The architect is above all a man of synthesis which feeds on many spatial and temporal, socio-cultural , economic and environmental data, in order to establish the architectural project. This synthesis is a creative process and necessarily involves an element of subjectivity in relation to the architect’s personality, its story and its professional background.

My story begins in 1977, in Russia , where I studied at the school of Fine Arts in my hometown of St. Petersburg. Arriving in Paris, I continued my study in Applied Arts at the Estienne School of Arts and Graphics Industries and Architecture school Paris -Val-de -Seine and finally, in  History of Arts at the Sorbonne University. Many trips and seminars punctuate my studies and make me sensitive to the built heritage and widelier to the respect of local cultures in close association with modern and advanced construction techniques.

My career is also built on the diversity of my experiences and their complementarities. Each of them helped me to maintain a fresh and curious look on the practice of architecture in different areas , successive phases of projects , varied places and cultures, on different scales , in order to get a ” round ” vision of architecture . I always wondered how to specialize and professionalize myself  without restricting me how to diversify myself without scatter me, to preserve a synthesis approach , a global and not partial vision of architecture.

For over twelve years, I have participated in many prestigious and large-scale projects, within renowned architectural companies in France and abroad. My experience spans all phases of design and construction. I currently have in my achievements many competitions and studies and several important buildings. I practice as a project manager in architectural companies, in constant contact with clients, designers and construction companies. Finally, I held the position of Technical Director in an important French construction company abroad on an exceptional project

Since 2014 :  Independent architect in Paris on various housing projects, creating the Soyuz Architecture Network

2013 : Technical Director at Vinci Construction Grands Projets in Ashgabat on the Cabinet of Ministers

2012 : Project Manager at Paul Andreu and Richez & Associates Architects in Paris on the Municipal Office of Bordeaux

2010-2011 : Site Architect at Valode & Pistre Architects in Ashgabat on the project of Halkbank

2004-2009 : Architect and Project Manager at Atelier November in Paris on numerous projects including the Centquatre

2002-2009 : Collaboration with Wladimir Mitrofanoff Architects on projects in Beijing and Moscow

2004 : Graduated with honors from the Art History from the University of Sorbonne in Paris

2003 : Graduated with honors from the Paris-Val de Seine School of Architecture

1996 : Graduated with honors in Bachelor of Applied Arts at the Ecole Estienne in Paris

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“Architecture is the matrix of Arts,” said Leon de Laborde, French archaeologist and politician of the nineteenth century. If we can discuss this vision today, I remain committed to the idea that the architect, in the field of building, is the person who brings artistic and poetic dimension necessarily. He addresses to the senses, emotions, using intuition and intellect. However, his artistic medium is a complex matter. It requires specific knowledge, responsible and disciplined approach that matches the social and technical mission of the architect. In my project approach, I identify four important steps:

1. Understanding the creative process of an architectural project and manage the means of production


2. Identify with the client, economic, aesthetic and technical priorities of the project


3. Move the project to mature in a constructive dialogue with all parties involved


4. Follow with rigor and flexibility the project, maintaining the objectives of architecture, time and cost


As an independent architect , I am now able to offer services in graphic production , design and monitoring all phases of implementation.

Trained in fine arts and applied arts , mastering computer skills, my graphic offer goes from hand drawing up to realistic rendering computer through the integration of these different techniques.

If intellectual gymnastics differ between study phases and project development, complementary tools remains the same. A gradual development of the project is based on a back-and -forth between the project scales and modes of representation and visualization. The technicality increases as the project approaches the operational phase.

Convinced of the importance of the implementation phase , I got involved for more than five years on major projects on the side of project management or business , along with small projects for individuals. This experience enriches and gives a clear framework for preliminary studies and allows to deeply understand the expectations of the various stakeholders of the building. Different environments and programs of these sites have helped to understand the issues as varied as the heavy rehabilitation, high-rises buildings , the buildings of prestige , luxury interior fittings , landscaping.